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You may have seen rosewater used in a variety of products from candles and perfume to face and body sprays. This scented liquid is made of water infused with rose petals to give it that classic floral fragrance. The history of rosewater goes back to the Middle East in the 7th century. This liquid was also used by North American Indian tribes due to its healing properties. If you've never used anything containing rosewater or you're just curious about this ingredient, there are many uses for it that range from skincare to health products and more.

Rosewater for Your Skin

Rosewater contains antioxidants which means it can help your skin cells from the damage caused by certain free radicals. It also has unique anti-inflammatory properties that can help to soothe skin irritation and may calm some of the side effects of serious skin conditions like rosacea or eczema. However before using it for this purpose, talk to your dermatologist to make sure rosewater is right for you. The chemical makeup of rosewater enables it to help reduce the damage which may occur to delicate skin. You can find rosewater serums, facial mists, and creams that claim to help reduce redness, soothe irritated skin, and work as an anti-aging product.

Rosewater Benefits

Since rosewater is considered a natural product, it's also used in a variety of healthcare products. The popularity of rosewater in beauty products has been prevalent in the US for many years. However, it's just recently made strides in the world of health products designed to help treat a variety of ailments. There are several ways that rosewater can help you feel better, including:

• Rosewater can be found in some products made to help with sore throats since it contains anti-inflammatory compounds.
• People with dry eye, conjunctivitis, and even cataracts may use rosewater as an eye drop to help with these eye conditions.
• Rosewater has some antiseptic and antibacterial properties. When applied to burns, minor wounds, and scrapes in a balm form, it can help with the healing process.
• Thanks to its uplifting floral fragrance you can use rosewater essential oil as a form of aromatherapy.
• You can lay a cloth soaked in rosewater on your forehead to help with a headache.