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CVS Health All-in-One Sonic Water Jet System

CVS Health All-in-One Sonic Water Jet System
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CVS Health All-in-One Sonic Water Jet System
1 EA, 1.9 lbs. Item # 704135

All-in-One Sonic Water Jet System. This system includes powerful water pulsation and sonic brushing. Enhances brushing, flossing and massaging. Proven to be better at reducing gingivitis than manual brushing and flossing. Combines sonic vibration and water pulsation for complete and total dental care. Delivers effective brushing action. Includes large capacity tank and attachments with 2 exclusive tips: 2 full size brush heads, subgingival tip, gentle gum massager, water jet tip and tongue cleaner.

*Fitted by Interplak Water Jet Tips # 678037 (replacement tips)

Recommended Technique - Sonic Brushing Insert brush tip into handle. Apply toothpaste. Press Sonic button and brush your teeth as you normally do.Rinsing Using Water Stream - Press and hold the Pause button to avoid splashing. Press the Power button, release the Pause button, and rinse along the gum line. Slightly close lips as shown in IB to avoid splashing. Release the Pause button and rinse as shown along the gum line in IB. When finished, turn off the unit by pressing the Power button on the base and empty the water tank. Be sure to also turn off the Sonic function by pressing the Sonic button on the handle. Subgingival Tip - Designed for close-in comfort, the rubber tip delivers a concentrated jet stream of water or antibacterial solution that reaches deep into periodontal pockets. Note: This tip is not intended for general use, and must be used on low pressure setting only. Place the soft tip against a tooth and gently place the tip slightly under the gum line into the pocket. Clean by gently following the gum line, inserting the tip between teeth. Do all areas of the mouth.Orthodontic Cleaning - Using the water jet tip, follow the recommended technique described on page 7 in the IB to clean around orthodontic brackets one tooth at a time.Using Mouthwash and Other Solutions - Your CVS Health System can be used with mouthwash or other antibacterial solutions. Ask your dentist to recommend an appropriate product for you.Important Note: Use of some solutions can shorten the life of your unit if it is not cleaned properly. You must thoroughly rinse out the unit after using any solution. Fill the tank with warm water to the lowers fill line, then aim the tip into the sink and run until the tank is empty.


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