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CVS Health Steam Inhaler

CVS Health Steam Inhaler
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CVS Health Steam Inhaler
1 CT, 1.2 lbs. Item # 521031
  • Helps provide relief support from allergies, sinus congestion, and colds
  • Quick and easy 5-15 minute treatment
  • Variable steam control for maximum effectiveness
  • Warm, 5-15 minutes of operation, personal use, 2 years warranty

If you're suffering from a dry nose and the symptoms of allergies, sinus congestion, or a cold, the CVS Health Steam Inhaler can help. This compact steamer helps provide you with soothing vapor therapy. Water is one of the most important and essential nutrients for a healthy body. All of your bodily functions require sufficient hydration in order to work properly, and dry or arid climates can cause extreme discomfort.

When you have a cold or flu, it can dehydrate your body. This special steam inhaler produces soothing steam that helps keep your throat and nasal passages hydrated to give you temporary relief from coughing and congestion. The result? You may get better breathing support and more comfortable sleep at night. The fast treatment takes about five to fifteen minutes to offer support, and the unit features variable steam control for maximum results.

This convenient steam inhaler is easy to use. The adjustable control regulates the flow of steam depending on your needs. It features a comfortable design with a soft, flexible hood, and an on/off indicator light makes it easy to know when the unit is working. Use aromatic scent pads to add even more soothing relief support. The heater gently boils the water to produce gentle steam. Use the adjustable control to allow cool air to mix with the steam based on individual preferences.

Each pad is intended for single use.


Carefully supervise young children when the Steam Inhaler is operating.
This unit produces hot steam and could cause burns.
For Household Use Only
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