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CVS Health Tampons Multi-Pack Unscented

CVS Health Tampons Multi-Pack Unscented
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CVS Health Tampons Multi-Pack Unscented
36 EA, .64 lbs. Item # 842805

Compare to Kotex Security (*This product is not manufactured or distributed by Kimberly Clark, owner of the registered trademark Kotex®Security®.)

36 Total: 18 Regular | 18 Super

  • Plastic
  • Rounded tip for comfortable insertion
  • Tampon expands to fit your individual form
  • Easy-to-hold grip

Tampon Absorbancy Range: All tampon manufacturers are required to use the same absorbency ranges to represent the grams in fluid that can be absorbed, based on standard laboratory tests. Use this chart to compare the absorbency of these tampons and other brands.

The risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) increases with higher absorbency. You can reduce the risk of TSS by using the minimum absorbency that meets your needs.


Regular/Normal 6-9 grams
Super/Extra 9-12 grams
Super Plus/Super

Extra 12-15 grams


Rayon and/or Cotton Fiber Blend, Polypropylene/Polyethylene Overwrap and Cotton String.
How to Use: Wash your hands, then remove the tampon wrapper. Gently tug on the cord to make sure it's firmly attached. Push the inner tube carefully to make sure the tampon is at the top of the applicator. Get into a position that's comfortable for you to insert your tampon. You can try sitting on the toilet with your knees apart or standing with one foot up. Hold the grip section of the applicator with your thumb and middle finger. Use your index finger to hold the end of the applicator. Put the rounded tip of the applicator into your vagina and guide it toward your lower back. Slide the applicator in until it's inserted as far as the grip section of the applicator. Then, use your index finger to push the bottom piece of the applicator all the way into the top piece. When your tampon is inserted properly, you shouldn't feel it at all. Gently remove both pieces of the applicator, being careful to leave the cord in place. Throw the applicator and the tampon wrapper in the trash - do not flush! When you're read to remove your tampon, simply relax your muscles and gently pull on the cord. You should change your tampon every 4 to hours to reduce the risk of TSS. Don't forget to remove the last tampon at the end of your period. If your tampon is hard to remove or if you have questions about tampon use, please check with your doctor.


Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is a rare but serious disease that may cause death. There are specific studies that have concluded that tampons contribute to the cause of TSS. Warning signs of TSS can include sudden fever (usually 102 degrees F or more), vomiting, diarrhea, fainting or near fainting when standing up, dizziness, or rash that looks like sunburn. Other signs include aching of muscles and joints, redness of the eyes, sore throat, and weakness. If these signs occur, discontinue use, and see your doctor immediately. Seek medical attention before using tampons if you have experienced signs of TSS in the past. The reported risks are higher among women under 30 years of age and teenage girls. The incidence of TSS is estimated to be between 1 and 17 cases of TSS per 100,000 menstruating women and girls per year. You may avoid the risk of TSS by not using tampons. Reduce the Risk of TSS by: Using the tampons with minimum absorbency needed for your flow, changing your tampon every 4-8 hours, alternating between the use of tampons and pads during your period. Important: Do not flush this product.

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