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CVS Health Waterless Vaporizer

CVS Health Waterless Vaporizer
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CVS Health Waterless Vaporizer
1 EACH, .21 lbs. Item # 234786
CVS Health Waterless Vaporizer is a non-medicated way to fill your home with the soothing scent of menthol. When plugged in, the interior warmer heats up to diffuse the cooling scent throughout your home. The unit is lightweight and portable so you can take it with you as you move throughout the house. " Includes 2 menthol scented pads for non-medicated comfort " Lightweight and portable for easy transfer from room to room " Soothing scent
Step 1: Pull the cover off of the diffuser base. Step 2: Place a menthol scent pad into the diffuser over the warming plate and replace the cover. Step 3: Plug in the diffuser so that it is positioned horizontally and slide the I/O switch to the ""I"" position. A red LED will light up indicating the device is 'on'. Step 4: When the menthol scent is completely evaporated, slide the I/O switch to the ""O"" position and remove the diffuser from the electrical outlet.

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