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Derma Sciences Products Primer Modified Unna Boots Bandage 4 in. x 10 YD

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Derma Sciences Products Primer Modified Unna Boots Bandage 4 in. x 10 YD
1 CT, .5 lbs. Item # 550505

For the ambulatory management of venous stasis leg ulcers. A gauze bandage that has been evenly impregnated with a non-hardening paste of zinc oxide. Available with or without calamine. Ideal for managing: venous ulcers, lymphatic edema, minor sprains, strains, fractures and thrombophlebitis. Contains no gelatin which prevents the hardening or caking of the bandage. Made without preservatives and with non-raveling thread locked gauze. Packaged in a unique vacuum-sealed pouch.

  • Stays moist to encourage healing.
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This item is FSA (Flexible Spending Account) eligible.

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