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Fuchs Triple Action Toothbrushes "X", 24CT

Fuchs Triple Action Toothbrushes "X", 24CT
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Fuchs Triple Action Toothbrushes "X", 24CT
24 CT, 1.1 lbs. Item # 554004

Triple Action
This brush features an "X" bristle field for effective cross-cleaning action. There is also a "high-low" bristle field configuration to optimize inter-dental cleaning. The special top angled tip is designed to clean difficult to reach areas of the mouth. These features are married up with a soft rubberized coating over the back of the head to protect delicate oral tissue, and an ergonomic handle with a nonslip thumb recess.
Fuchs Toothbrushes (the name means "fox" in German) has been a leader in the field of toothbrush technology for over 80 years. The first to develop the Ripple "V" bristle field, Fuchs works with dental professionals and designers to continually advance the oral hygiene benefits of their toothbrushes. Ergonomic handles, innovative bristle fields and unparalleled quality control on bristle end-rounding technology in a state-of-the-art modern, computer-monitored quality control production line ensure the highest standards.
X-bristle field for effective cleaning action. High-low bristle field configuration to optimize interdental cleaning. Soft rubberized coating over back of head to protect delicate oral cavities. Special top angled tip to clean areas of mouth difficult to reach. Ergonomic handle with nonslip thumb recess. BPA Free.

  • Soft value pack.
  • Triple action.

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