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Gold Emblem Organic Single Origin-Colombia-Premium Coffee, 12CT

Gold Emblem Organic Single Origin-Colombia-Premium Coffee, 12CT
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Gold Emblem Organic Single Origin-Colombia-Premium Coffee, 12CT
12 CT, .26 lbs. Item # 668137

This high-grown, single-origin Colombian coffee is sourced specifically for its full body and sweet profile. This medium roast coffee boasts a full-flavored cup with notes of silky maple syrup, honeyed almond, and chocolate-covered apricots. With light, orange-like acidity and a crisp lingering finish, this coffee is perfect to enjoy through the day.

Gold Emblem Organic Coffee was procured according to rigorous environmental, social, and economic criteria to promote safe, healthy working standards, conserve the environment, and promote transparency, which ultimately lead to communities building strong businesses and increasing livelihoods.

We're Gold Emblem: Our standard is delicious.

Great Coffee Comes From Great Growers

Our organic Colombian 100% Arabica coffee is sourced from a single origin, which means that the beans are grown on small farms with a consistent bean profile for a deeper flavor. Each region that our coffee is grown in represents a specific flavor that comes from its unique growing environment, so you can taste its authenticity. This Fair Trade Certified™, Organic and Rainforest Alliance Certified™ coffee is triple certified to help ensure the highest level of social and environmental responsibility. It means biodiversity conservation, sustainable livelihoods for farmers, and a great product for you.


Organic 100% Arabica Coffee

Optimizing Freshness:
Store our Gold Emblem coffee single serve cups at room temperature.

Brewing The Perfect Cup:
Shake single-serve cup before use. Load single-serve cup with lid into machine. Choose 8 fl oz setting. Position mug below beverage outlet. Press start. Stir and enjoy. Single-serve cup will be hot after the beverage is dispensed. Allow to cool before handling. Run a hot water cycle, without a single-serve cup, after preparing the coffee

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