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Heart disease is the number one cause of death among adults in the United States. Every year, one out of every four deaths is linked to heart disease. If you have heart disease or are at risk for developing it, your doctor may recommend that you use aspirin as a part of your treatment plan. CVS can help you follow your doctor's advice with a diverse assortment of low-dose aspirin products made specifically for promoting heart health. You can shop the selection online and have your order shipped to your door.

Aspirin For Heart Health

Aspirin is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug or NSAID that is commonly used for pain relief. Studies have found that aspirin also thins the blood, making it more difficult for clotting cells called platelets to build up. For individuals who have heart disease, aspirin can help reduce the risk of clots forming in the arteries that carry blood away from the heart. This, in turn, may lower the likelihood of heart attack. In addition, emergency medical professionals may recommend that people take aspirin if they believe they are having a heart attack and are waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

Low Dose Aspirin

Because of the potential heart health benefits of aspirin, medical professionals may tell people who are at risk for or who have heart disease take the medication every day; however, the recommended dose of aspirin for heart health therapy is lower than what is found in most aspirin pain relief products. As a result, manufacturers offer low-dose aspirin products specifically for heart health.

Comparing Your Options

As you compare low-dose aspirin products, pay attention to the strengths. The amount of aspirin provided by one dose is measured in milligrams (mg), and most products contain less than 100 mg of aspirin. If you have a sensitive stomach, you may want to purchase an enteric or safety-coated low-dose aspirin medication. You can choose between conventional pills and chewable forms.

Important Advice

Low-dose aspirin therapy is not ideal for everyone. As a result, you should not begin an aspirin regimen on your own, as it can pose a risk for side effects and interact with certain medications. Your medical provider can help you decide if aspirin is right for you and provide you with advice about how much to take per day. Only use low-dose aspirin products as directed by the manufacturer unless your doctor gives you other advice.