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Earplugs can play a number of important roles in your daily life. Whether you're looking for something to protect your hearing, block out water or help you get a good night's rest, CVS can help you find the perfect earplugs for your needs. In this product selection, you'll find a wide variety of earplugs that you can compare and purchase online for convenient delivery to your home.

Earplugs for Hearing Protection

Exposure to loud sounds can be detrimental to your ears. In the short term, loud noises can cause temporary hearing loss, ringing in the ears and ear pain. Over time, repeated exposure to loud sounds can cause damage to inner structures in the ear, leading to permanent hearing loss. Experts recommend using ear protection like earplugs to reduce your risk of short-term problems and lasting damage. Earplugs feature Noise Reduction Rating or NRR levels that give you an indication of how much sound they block. For example, a product with an NRR rating of 33 reduces the volume of sound by 33 decibels.

Solutions for Sleep

Earplugs aren't only for hearing protection. Because they can block out some environmental sounds, they can also be used to help you sleep at night. Soft foam earplugs are an economical, comfortable solution to make your room quieter at night. If white noise, soothing sounds or soft music help you sleep, you can purchase sleep buds, earphones that are designed to stay in place while you are asleep.

Products for Bathing and Swimming

People who are prone to swimmer's ear infections may be advised to take steps to limit how much water enters their ears. Earplugs can be worn while you bathe, shower or swim to keep out water. Typically, silicone earplugs are recommended for swimming rather than foam options.

Ensuring Your Comfort in the Air

Many people experience ear discomfort while flying due to extreme, sudden changes in elevation. Flight earplugs are designed to reduce discomfort and work by helping to normalize pressure levels in the ear canal.

Important Considerations

If you're unsure which type of earplugs is best for you, your medical provider can help you decide. For hearing protection, it is important that earplugs block the entire opening of your ear canal and fit securely. To ensure best results, read the directions for use provided by the manufacturer and follow them closely.