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HealthSmart Griploc Sliding Reacher

HealthSmart Griploc Sliding Reacher
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HealthSmart Griploc Sliding Reacher
1 EA, 1.25 lbs. Item # 478198
  • Engineered from the ground-up, the GripLoc sliding reacher offers a no-squeeze grip by incorporating a unique patent-pending two-handed design providing increased leverage and better control than traditional reachers
  • Exclusive PowerSlide technology coupled with large easy-to-grasp handles make opening and closing the jaw effortless
  • New Twist and Click lock, offers an intuitive way to lock the jaws in place keeping your items safe and secure until you release them
  • Extra-wide jaw with micro-grip tips lets you pick up almost any item with ease
  • Slim design with built-in hanger offers quick out of the way storage

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