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HealthSmart Rechargeable Muscle Massage Foam Roller, Black/Green

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HealthSmart Rechargeable Muscle Massage Foam Roller, Black/Green
1 EA, 3 lbs. Item # 169516

HSA/FSA Eligible

FULL BODY ROLLER HealthSmart's vibrating fitness roller is a cutting edge fitness recovery device that utilizes pressure and vibration to improve your body's overall health. Intended to help keep body tissue loose, this roller is optimized for warm-ups, recovery, and muscle therapy. Use it before you start your work out to warm up and loosen tight muscles. Roll out your arms, legs, and back after a powerlifting or HIIT pilates session to relax and soothe sore muscles. With 4 intensity levels, the HealthSmart vibrating fitness roller is ideal for maintaining flexibility and range of motion. CONTOURED SURFACE The unique surface is designed to target pressure points and provide a deep massaging action. Its contoured hourglass shape offers you better control and comfort when rolling out your body. With multiple textures, you can pick and choose which portion of the roller best suits your body's needs. 4 SPEEDS Choose between 4 vibrating levels and set the intensity to your comfort level. Control the intensity by pressing the function button. Each press of the button will increase the intensity by 1 level. Once you reach level 4, the levels with cycle back to 1 and will be indicated by the number of LED lights shown. LASTING POWER A fully charged HealthSmart roller lasts up to 180 minutes on Level 1 and 50 minutes on Level 4. The maximum exercise time and vibration should not exceed 15 minutes. The unit will switch off automatically after approximately 15 minutes. If you want to switch it off earlier, press and hold the function button for approximately 3 seconds. BATTERY POWERED Fully charge the integrated lithium ion battery before initial use. To charge fully, keep the roller plugged in for approximately 2 hours. The red LED light indicates the roller is still charging. The green LED indicates it is fully charged and ready to use.
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