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Hollister AnchorFast Oral Endotracheal Tube Fastener 5 to 10mm

Hollister AnchorFast Oral Endotracheal Tube Fastener 5 to 10mm
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Hollister AnchorFast Oral Endotracheal Tube Fastener 5 to 10mm
1 CT, .19 lbs. Item # 575041
  • Secures oral endotracheal tubes.
  • The advanced design helps minimize pressure on the upper lip and surrounding tissue and will not occlude the tube. Skin-friendly, latex-free adhesive provides long-lasting wear, reducing potential skin stripping and helping maintain healthy skin.
  • The AnchorFast Oral Endotracheal Tube Fastener provides the advanced features you expect from Hollister. Smooth repositioning, stability and skin protection enhance the care you provide.
  • The AnchorFast Oral Endotracheal Tube Fastener promotes trouble-free, stable movement of the clamp along the track, allowing easy repositioning of the tube and ready access for suctioning and oral care.
  • Unique clamping mechanism: Secures oral endotracheal tubes (5-10mm); Positive-locking tube clamp; Adhesive-backed strap and serrated edges hold endotracheal tube firmly.
  • Adjustable neck band: Fastens with hook and loop closures; Can be replaced if soiled; Can be easily adjusted to accommodate swelling.
  • Movable clamp: Enables lateral tube repositioning; Facilitates routine oral care; Helps relieve pressure on the skin and lips; Only one person required for tube repositioning.
  • Advanced skin barrier: Skin-friendly adhesive; Eliminates the need for tape.
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