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Toilet Solutions

Everyone goes to the bathroom, but for people with limited mobility, this daily living task can be difficult. Moving from standing to sitting and back again can be challenging, and it may even be hard to travel back and forth to the bathroom. Fortunately, there are home health aids available to help make toileting easier for seniors and individuals with injuries and chronic conditions. At CVS, you'll find a diverse assortment of products that you can shop online and have delivered discreetly for your home.

Toilet Seat Risers

For individuals who are able to walk back and forth to the bathroom, toilet seat risers can be an excellent way to simplify toileting. A riser fits beneath the toilet seat, raising its height. This means that users do not have to bend and stretch as much when sitting down and standing back up. Some toilet seat risers are designed for quick insertion and removal, so they can be put into position only when a person with limited mobility is ready to use the bathroom.

Raised Toilet Seats

Raised toilet seats are another way to modify a toilet for a person with limited mobility. These bathroom safety products are installed in place of a standard toilet seat and work like a seat and riser in one. Some raised toilet seats have grab bars on either side. Users can grip these bars for support when transferring.

Bedside Commode

If you or your loved one finds it hard to walk to the bathroom, a commode can be used to assist with toileting. A commode is a chair or bench that has a cutout positioned over a removable pan. Commodes are generally placed close to the bedside, so that users do not have to travel far to use them. Caregivers can then slide out the pan and take it to the bathroom for emptying and cleaning. Disposable liners are available to simplify cleanup.

How Do Bedpans Work?

Bedpans are another toileting solution for individuals who are bedridden. Bedpans are small, portable containers that can be slipped under a person's body while they are still lying in bed. Caregivers can then remove the bedpan and take it to the bathroom for cleaning and emptying.

Best Toilet Accessories

When shopping for a raised toilet seat, toilet seat riser or commode, make sure to check the maximum weight ratings for the products. Follow the installation or assembly instructions carefully to ensure that the bathroom safety product works correctly.

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