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Compression Socks For Women

The right pair of socks can do more than just keep your feet comfortable during the day. Compression socks can potentially provide medical benefits as a part of a treatment or management plan for various conditions. If your medical provider has recommended that you wear compression socks, CVS can help you find the perfect pair. This product selection contains all of the compression socks for women currently available for easy shopping.

Benefits Of Compression Socks For Women

Compression socks have a tight fit that applies pressure to the legs. This can causes the blood vessels that carry blood to the lower body to widen, potentially supporting circulation. Medical professionals may recommend that women wear compression socks for a number of reasons. The socks can reduce swelling of the feet and legs and possibly lower the likelihood of blood clots forming after surgery. In addition, compression socks are sometimes used as a part of treatment plans for varicose veins and spider veins in the legs. Some people also wear compression socks while they exercise to attempt to combat fatigue and support recovery. Your health care provider can help you decide if compression socks would be beneficial for you and give you tips on how to choose the best pair.

Levels of Compression

As you shop for compression socks, you'll want to pay careful attention to the levels of compression that are available. The level of compression tells you how much pressure the women's compression socks exert on your legs and feet. This rating is measured in millimeters of mercury or mmHg. For relieving mild aches and pains and exercise, light compression is usually recommended. For most medical conditions, health care professionals recommend medium-level compression. Firmer compression can be used when medium-level options fail to produce results.

Support Hose For Women

Women's compression socks are available in a wide range of styles just like conventional footwear and hosiery. You can choose traditional socks made out of knit material or hosiery that is made out of stretchy nylon fabric. Compression hose for women are available in knee-high and thigh-high styles. You may also want to opt for full-length pantyhose or tights. Some brands offer compression socks and hosiery for women in multiple colors.

Best Women's Compression Socks For You

To ensure your comfort and get the best results possible when wearing compression hosiery for women, you'll need to purchase the right size for your needs. Each brand has its own sizing chart, so be sure to carefully read the product descriptions as you shop.