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Whether you want to lose weight or you'd just like to monitor your weight for health purposes, scales can make logging your weight easy and simple. As you search for the perfect bathroom scale, there are plenty of different brands and features to choose from. From complex digital scales that monitor your body fat percentage to simple, classic versions, the types of scales available today may seem endless. If you're not sure how to find the scale that's right for you, read on for a few helpful tips

What Is A Bathroom Scale?

A bathroom scale is a device that is used to measure weight. It is usually kept in a bathroom.

Weighing Scales

All scales have a limited weight capacity, so you should take your current weight into consideration before you purchase one. Most standard scales have a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds, so read the specifications of the scale you're interested in before you buy. Older model scales may not be as accurate for those who weigh 250 pounds or more. Make sure you select something modern and durable that can give you an accurate reading. Some scales are made for heavier individuals and feature an expanded weight capacity that can reach as high as 650 pounds.

How To Calibrate A Digital Scale

High-tech digital scales often include an automatic calibration feature. This means your scaler should automatically reset itself to zero pounds whenever you step off the unit. Not every scale sold today has this feature. For some models, you will need to manually zero the reading every time you step off. Analog scales usually require manual calibration that allows for adjustments that may not give you an accurate reading. Try to find a scale that touts its automatic calibration feature for easier use.

How To Use A Weight Scale

To start, place your scale on a flat, hard surface such as hardwood floor. Avoid placing it on uneven or soft flooring such as carpet. Step onto the scaled with both feet even and flat. Don’t touch or hold onto anything while on the scale. Read the weight displayed and step off the scale.

How Accurate Are Bathroom Scales?

Accuracy can vary from scale to scale depending on if you are using a digital scale or a mechanical one. For the most accurate reading, see your physician or health care provider.

Best Bathroom Scales

As you're looking for scales, you may have a specific reason why you need one in your home. If body fat is a concern, purchase a scale that includes this special reading capability. You can use your body fat measurements to get a better idea of your progress and tweak your diet or exercise plan as needed. It's a great way to help motivate you and to help you improve your overall fitness level. If your exact weight is the most important thing, choose scales that give you precise weight measurements down to the decimal. This can help you gauge your progress and you'll have a better idea of how much weight you're losing or gaining. With some research, you should be able to find the perfect scale to help you achieve your health goals.