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If you or a loved one has a medical condition that interferes with everyday tasks or has difficulty completing daily living tasks due to age, there is help available. Daily living aids can help individuals who struggle with various tasks enjoy more independence and freedom. CVS carries a huge assortment of daily living aids with products to suit virtually every need. In this selection, you'll find many foot stools, reachers and trays that could be beneficial for you or your loved one. You can shop the entire product assortment or refine your search to locate the right solution for your or their needs.

Foot Stools

Medical providers may recommend that individuals with certain medical conditions elevate their feet when they are sitting. Sitting with feet and legs elevated can help to improve circulation to ease swelling and pain. Footstools are daily living aids that can be used to support the feet and legs comfortably. Typically, these furnishings are small and lightweight so that they can easily be carried throughout a home to use in various rooms.

Transfer Chair

For people with limited mobility, getting in and out of a chair can be difficult. Transferring aids can make it easier and safer to transition from sitting to standing and vice versa. Options include hand-held grips that a caregiver can use to simplify transferring and bars and supports that individuals with limited mobility can use on their own. Medical stools and chairs with integrated grab bars are also available for individuals who struggle to transfer in and out of chairs independently.

Grabber Tool

Limited mobility can make bending down to retrieve an object painful and even dangerous. Reachers can be used to grab objects without any need to bend. These daily living aids typically consist of a long pole with a moving claw on one end and a squeeze grip on the other. To retrieve an item, you simply place it inside the claw and squeeze. Safety anti-slip step stools can be used in the kitchen, the bathroom and other areas where people with limited mobility may need to access items from shelves, cabinets or cupboards overhead. Trays can be used to keep essentials close to a chair or bed so that a person with limited mobility does not need to get up to retrieve it. Some trays are freestanding, while others are designed to mount on another furnishing.