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Medicine Accessories

If you take prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs or supplements every day, managing all of those tablets, capsules and other pills can be challenging. Fortunately, you can simplify medication administration and reduce the risk of missing doses with the right medicine accessories. At CVS, you'll find a huge selection of medicine accessories that make taking medicine easier at home and while you're traveling.

Medicine Organizers

For people who take multiple medications every day, it can be hard to keep track of every pill. Medicine organizers can simplify the process and help you manage all of your medicines. There are a number of different pill planners available. Most are designed to hold pills for a full week. You can find organizers with AM and PM compartments for each day and with four compartments for holding multiple daily doses. Alternatively, you can purchase pill pouches to hold medications. These small sealable bags have labels on them, so you can mark the date and time for doses clearly on the front.

Administering Pills

If your doctor has requested you split your tablet in half, there are medicine accessories available that can make this product easier. In these circumstances, a pill cutter can be used to cut a large tablet into two smaller pieces along a scored line in the tablet. If is important that you speak to your physician or pharmacist if you are considering to use a pill cuter, pill crusher, or a pill glide spray that helps lubricate the mouth and throat. Not all products may be split open or crushed. Many products will lose efficacy if they are manipulated.

Medical Instrument Stands

If you or your loved one must use medical equipment on a daily basis to manage an illness or disease, it's important that you keep your supplies neatly organized. The manufacturers of home health equipment offer a wide variety of instrument stands and racks that can be used for storing everything from oxygen cylinders to ostomy supplies.

Needle Disposal At Home

People who receive or self-administer injections at home must be very careful when disposing of needles and lancets, as their sharp blades can cause injuries and potentially spread infections. Sharps containers are designed specifically to hold this type of medical waste and make it easy to safely throw away. You can find freestanding sharps containers that can be kept on an instrument stand, a nightstand or counter top and mountable options that can be secured to the wall.

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