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Wheelchair Accessories

Wheelchairs can provide more independence and freedom for individuals with limited mobility, but these mobility devices can sometimes pose challenges and difficulties. The right accessories can help overcome obstacles to using wheelchairs. At CVS, you'll find a huge selection of wheelchair accessories that you can conveniently shop online.

Best Wheelchair Accessories

Some individuals may require wheelchair accessories to ensure that they can use their mobility aids properly and safely. Harnesses, seat belts, and other restraints can help individuals who have difficulty sitting upright remain in place on the seat. Anti-tipping parts can be added to wheelchairs to improve stability and make it safer to operate a wheelchair and transfer in and out of the seat.

Wheelchair Repairs

Over time, parts on a wheelchair may become worn out due to frequent use. Fortunately, you can purchase replacement parts to keep your wheelchair in good condition. Some parts that commonly require replacing include hand grips, armrests, footrests, and wheels.

Wheelchair Attachments

With wheelchair accessories, users can do more from their wheelchairs. Desk and table attachments make it easy for people with limited mobility to write, eat, use computers, and complete other tasks without having to get out of their chairs. Wheelchair bags can be attached to the back of the seat and filled with personal effects like a smartphone or wallet during outings. Bags can also make it easier for wheelchair users to carry items around their homes.

Wheelchair Comfort

Wheelchair accessories can improve the overall level of comfort for users. Wheelchair cushions can be placed on the seat and along the backrest to provide extra padding. Some cushions are even equipped with alarms that warn caregivers if users slip out of place. Head positioners can be attached to wheelchairs to keep the head and neck properly aligned. This improves posture and can reduce pressure and strain on the spine.

Wheelchair Options And Accessories

Before purchasing any wheelchair accessory, make sure to read the product descriptions carefully. Some accessories are designed only to fit a specific model of wheelchair or for wheelchairs from one manufacturer. Others may work with any wheelchair of a certain size. You may need to measure your wheelchair to ensure that a new accessory will fit. Make sure to closely follow the installation and usage instructions included with your new wheelchair accessory to ensure you get the most out of the product.

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