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Honeywell Flat Fold Style N95 Respirator Masks, N95 NIOSH Approved, 5 CT

Honeywell Flat Fold Style N95 Respirator Masks, N95 NIOSH Approved, 5 CT
5 CT, .15 lbs. Item # 541269
  • NIOSH approved N95 respirator TC-84A-84840
  • Flat fold design comfortably fits most faces and promotes easier breathing
  • Multi-layered absorption media repels moisture for a longer lasting respirator
  • Smooth inner line provides additional comfort for a long-term wear
  • Latex-free, comfort stretch head straps are welded for a secure fit
  • Concealed, adjustable nose clip and soft foam nose cushion help provide a customer secure seal

Follow these fitting instructions each time respirator is worn

  1. Cup the respirator in the hand, allowing the head straps to hang freely
  2. Hold the respirator under the chin with the nosepiece facing outwards. Place the lower head strap around the neck.
  3. Holding the respirator against the face with one hand, place the top head strap above the ears, around the crown of the head.
  4. Place both fingers on the nose clip and apply pressure to the nose clip, forming it to the shape of your nose
  5. Place hands on each side of the respirator and move slightly right, left, up, and down to adjust the position of the respirator and achieve the most optimal fit on the face.

Fit Check the Face-Seal as follows

  1. Place both hands over the respirator – do not disturb the position of the respirator
  2. Inhale sharply – a negative pressure should be felt inside the respirator
  3. If you detect air-leaks, readjust the head straps and/or the nose piece


  • This respirator helps protect against certain contaminates. It may not eliminate the risk of of contracting disease or infection. Misuse may result in sickness or death.
  • Materials which may come into contact with the wearer’s skin could cause allergic reactions to susceptible individuals.
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