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Duracell Security 21/23
Duracell Security 21/23
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Energizer Electronic A23 Batteries
Energizer Electronic A23 Batteries
$3.25 / ea.
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With so many devices today relying on battery power today, 12 volt batteries have become increasingly more common. These compact batteries pack quite a punch and offer long-lasting power for a wide range of items that many of us use every day. If you're looking for 12 volt batteries, CVS has several varieties and brands available. Search for the perfect batteries by brand name, price, and more to find the right ones that will fit your needs.

What Items Do 12 Volt Batteries Power?

These lightweight, compact batteries provide strong power to specific items. Some of these items include car keyless vehicle entry systems that are attached to your keychain. The batteries power the keychain, allowing your car doors to be locked and unlocked remotely as needed. Other devices that typically use 12 volt batteries include home security system components, Bluetooth headsets and headphones, and even some makes and models of garage door openers. Look at your current devices and remove the battery so you can determine if a 12 volt is needed.

How Are 12 Volt Batteries Unique?

Unlike standard AA or AAA batteries, 12 volt batteries consist of several, smaller alkaline button cells contained inside a protective wrapper. These small batteries work together to provide one source of power. Button batteries are often found in devices like wristwatches and hearing aids. When stacked together, these small button batteries provide a nominal 12 volts of power but still result in a final battery that's smaller in length and diameter in comparison to AA and AAA batteries.

Facts About 12V Batteries

More commonly referred to as A23 batteries, your 12 volt batteries have a very high energy density. They offer reliable, long-lasting power, which is why it may seem like it takes a lot longer for you to need to replace them in items like vehicle keychain entry and garage door entry devices. When it comes to the proper storage of your batteries, they should always be kept in a cool, dry place at room temperature. Never store any type of batteries near metal and keep them in their original package until needed whenever possible. Separate your batteries by type for easier access to the styles you need for various devices. When your battery's power runs out, contact your local recycling center or home improvement store to find out about proper disposal or recycling.