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Cleaning your home from top to bottom doesn't have to be difficult. With the right cleaning products, you can get the job done with greater ease. All purpose cleaners simplify cleaning by allowing you to use the same cleaning product for an array of jobs. With the huge selection of all purpose cleaners available for you to buy online at CVS, you don't even have to visit a store to stock up on cleaning supplies.

What Are All Purpose Cleaners?

All purpose cleaners are a type of cleaning product that helps to remove impurities from hard surfaces. Some products also contain ingredients that kill germs that contribute to illnesses. To simplify cleaning, all purpose cleaners are formulated to be used on a number of different types of surfaces. Depending on the product, you may be able to use an all purpose cleaner to clean wood, granite, stainless steel, plastic, vinyl, ceramic and other materials. You can read the product descriptions to learn more about the uses and benefits of each cleaner.

Classic Liquid All Purpose Cleaners

Liquid all purpose cleaners are offered by a number of different manufacturers. For small jobs, you can simply dampen a sponge or a cloth with the cleaning product and then wipe your desired surface. When completing larger cleaning jobs, you can pour a liquid all purpose cleaner into a bucket. As a result, all purpose cleaners offer flexibility and are ideal for a wide variety of jobs.

Convenient Spray Cleaners

For quick cleanups, spray-on all purpose cleaners provide a convenient cleaning solution. With these products, you simply press a button or squeeze a trigger to apply a fine mist of the cleaning product onto your desired surface. You can then use a sponge or cloth to wipe the area.

Simple-to-Use Cleaning Wipes

All purpose cleaner wipes offer another quick-and-easy cleaning solution. Wipes are towelettes that have been moistened with an all purpose cleaner. To use the product, you simply remove a wipe from the packaging and rub it over your desired surface. Then, you can throw the wipe way. This eliminates the need to rinse a sponge or cloth after your cleaning job.

Natural Cleaning Products

Trying to cut down on the use of chemicals in your home? Natural all purpose cleaners can help you accomplish your goal. In the formulas of these products, synthetics are replaced with naturally derived ingredients whenever possible. This lowers the eco impact of your cleaning routine.


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