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Windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces enhance the beauty of your home, but they can quickly become unattractive due to dust, fingerprints and splashes. Regularly cleaning the glass in your home can help keep the surfaces sleek and bright, increasing the overall visual appeal of your living spaces. CVS can help you stock up on the essentials that you need for glass cleaning with a diverse assortment of cleaners and wipes that you can shop online.

Glass-Friendly Cleaning Formulas

Cleaning glass can be a challenging job. Ordinary cleaning products may create smears and streaks when applied to mirrors, windows and other types of glass. As a result, it is best to use cleaning products made especially for glass. These products have lightweight formulas that do not leave behind residues and help to restore a brilliant shine.

Spray-On Glass Cleaner Options

Spray-on glass cleaners provide an economical way to clean glass surfaces. These products come in liquid form in bottles that feature either a squeeze trigger or a push-button sprayer. To use a spray-on glass cleaner, you apply a fine mist of the product and then wipe with a soft cloth, sponge or squeegee. Following the instructions printed on the packaging will help to ensure sleek, streak-free results.

Cleaning Wipes for Windows

If you're looking for a way to simplify glass cleaning, wipes are a great solution. Glass cleaning wipes are towelettes that are moistened with a cleaning solution. With wipes, cleaning glass becomes one simple step. Simply remove a wipe from the packaging and run it over the glass. Then, you can throw the wipe away.

Comparing Glass & Window Cleaners

Both spray-on glass cleaner and glass cleaning wipes are offered by many different manufacturers. To choose the best option for your needs, you can read the product descriptions to learn more about the features and benefits of the various sprays and wipes. You may also want to consider the scent of the products. Some brands offer their glass cleaners in multiple fragrances, giving you the ability to choose the option that is most pleasing to you.

Natural Glass Cleaning Products

If you're concerned about the effects of chemicals on the planet, there are glass cleaning products that are ideal for your needs. Natural glass cleaners are made with more plant and mineral-based ingredients than conventional products, giving them a smaller eco footprint. You'll find a number of natural glass cleaning sprays and wipes in this product selection.


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