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No matter what cleaning task you're preparing to complete in your home, you need to take steps to protect yourself during the job. Wearing gloves can limit your exposure to harsh chemicals and germs, so that you can complete a variety of tasks more safely. CVS offers a diverse assortment of protective gloves, giving you the ability to easily find the type and size that's right for you and make a purchase online.

Choosing The Best Gloves For The Job

Before you begin comparing protective gloves, it's a good idea to consider the project that you intend to undertake. This well help to ensure that you select the best options for your needs. What are the risks involved with your project? Are you more concerned about being exposed to germs or harsh chemicals? Check the labels on the cleaning products that you will be using to find out what safety measures are recommended in the manufacturer's instructions. You'll also want to consider what tasks you'll be completing during your project. Will you need to make precise fine movements that require finger flexibility or larger movements?

Compare Glove Materials

Protective gloves are typically made out of one of three types of materials: latex, nitrile or vinyl. Latex gloves are crafted out of natural rubber and can shield skin from bacteria and viruses. Their high level of flexibility keeps fingers and hands free to move, and the thin material allows you to sense the items that you're touching. Vinyl cleaning gloves are fabricated out of heavy synthetic material. These gloves tend to be less flexible but are highly effective at protecting skin from chemicals. Nitrile gloves are crafted out of a stretchier synthetic material and typically offer protection from both chemicals and germs. Keep in mind that some people are allergic to latex and must avoid exposure to the material.

Find the Right Size Gloves

After you have narrowed down the options to focus on protective gloves made of the right material for your needs, you'll want to compare the available sizes. Some protective gloves are one size fits all and designed to accommodate most people's hands. Others come in multiple sizes. These cleaning gloves tend to have a snugger fit that allows for freer hand movements. If you're shopping for sized gloves, check the product descriptions to learn more about the sizing system. Measuring your hands prior to purchasing protective gloves can help to ensure an optimal fit.


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