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Has your home begun to look lackluster due to dull furniture, grimy stone or smudged glass? These problems and a number of other cleaning tasks can be easily addressed with polish products. CVS carries an array of polishes for various types of surfaces. You can shop the selection online and have the best polish for your needs shipped to your door.

Why Use Polish?

Polish is a type of cleaning product designed to enhance the appearance of surfaces in your home. Polishes restore a lustrous shine to materials and can diminish the appearance of smudges, spots and streaks. Some polishes also offer moisturizing benefits, which can help certain types of materials remain in good condition with age.

Different Polishes For Specific Surfaces

Most polishes are formulated specifically for caring for a particular type of material. Wood polishes condition wood while removing dust to leave the surface lustrous and sleek. Vinyl and leather polish can lift away debris and remove spots while hydrating the material to enhance its appearance. You can also find polishes for various types of stone like granite and marble. Polishes for stainless steel, glass and other materials are also available. The product names and descriptions will give you more information about what you can polish with each product.

Finding the Best Form Of Furniture Polish

Depending on the type of polish that you're purchasing, you may have your choice of more than one form. Liquid polishes can come in handy when you have a large area to treat, such as a hardwood floor or the wood trim around a door. Spray polishes can speed up the cleaning process by dispensing a fine mist of polish onto surfaces. These products are typically best for polishing smaller items like furniture.

Making the Most of Polish

No polish cleaning product can work well if used improperly. To make the most of the polish that you purchase, follow the directions for use printed on the packaging. In some cases, you may need to clean the surface prior to polishing. Other products act as cleaners and polishes and do not require an extra cleaning step. Pay attention to the application method recommended by the manufacturers. You may need to purchase a certain type of sponge, pad or cloth to get the full benefits of a polish. How often you will need to polish depends on the surface, how frequently it is used in your home and the product that you purchase.


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