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Computer Supplies

There are a variety of computer supplies and accessories available to better your computing experience. Mice and keyboards are the two major touchpoints on computers. The right mouse provides ergonomic comfort and ease of use for scrolling through documents, maneuvering across spreadsheets and creating presentations.

Computer mice have evolved exponentially from the standard, wired mouse that used to be the only option. Today there are wireless mice, touchpads, trackballs and more. Trackballs allow the user to control movement with a thumb instead of the whole hand, providing ergonomic comfort. Touchpads offer a more natural yet high-tech feel over a standard mouse. A wireless USB mouse offers plug-and-play convenience to reduce the amount of wires cluttering your desktop. They are also a useful addition to a laptop when a touchpad doesn't provide the feel you need.

Before going out and buying the first mouse you see, you need to consider how you would use it. Whether you are a writer, gamer, designer or just general computer user, the specifications and design of the mouse will need to fit your needs. Designers might want an ergonomic laser mouse while gamers want a stable optical mouse with adjustable DPI settings.

The first choice that you need to make is whether you want an optical or laser mouse. These are two of the most common types of mice and are variations on the same technology. The main difference is that a laser mouse uses a laser to track movement while an optical mouse uses an LED to reflect off the below surface. An optical mouse requires a flat, opaque surface while you can use a laser mouse on a wider range of surfaces. Laser mice can reach higher DPI ratings, which means they can track movements more precisely and move across the screen quicker.

A mouse is your gateway to the computing world, but there are many other supplies you need to keep your computing station in tip-top shape. Screen cleaning spray or wipes allow you to see everything in perfect clarity. Compressed air duster spray keeps dirt, dust and pesky food particles out of your keyboard, so you don't end up with sticky keys. Surge protectors ensure protection against power surges and outages. Even if you have a high-end computer, it is only as good as the way you treat it, so be sure to invest in some computer supplies to keep things running smoothly.