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Proper fabric care can keep your clothing in the best possible condition for as long as possible, so you get the most out of everything in your wardrobe. Plus, caring for your clothes helps them and you look your best, allowing you to make a great impression on people you meet. With this selection of fabric care essentials available at CVS, you can easily stock up on everything you need to maintain and enhance your clothes. Browse the entire selection to discover new solutions for fabric care or filter the products to quickly find what you're looking for.

Removing Lint and Debris

Many types of garments attract lint, hair, and other types of debris while you wear them; in the washing machine and dryer, and while in storage. Fortunately, you can remove impurities that detract from the appearance of your clothes without having to wash them. Lint removal tools are designed to lift away lint and other types of debris, leaving garments looking clean and fresh.

Types of Lint Removers

There are two main types of lint removal tools available. The first is the adhesive lint roller. This tool features a round head that is covered with sticky tape and attached to an extended handle. As you roll the head over clothing, lint sticks to the tape. When the tape is covered, you simply peel off the top layer to continue using the tool. Once all of the tape sheets have been used, you either purchase a new roller or a replacement head. The second type of lint remover lifts away particles with fabric, mesh or bristles. With this type of lint removal tool, you do not have to worry about removing tape layers; however, the tools are generally more expensive.

Freshening Fabrics

If your clothing has developed an odor due to your pets, smoking, cooking in your home or another reason, you can take steps to freshen the fabrics without laundering. Fabric refresher sprays leave behind a pleasing fragrance and help to neutralize unpleasant scents. To enhance the smell of your laundry, you can add a liquid scent booster to the wash.

Solutions for Hand Washing

Some garments must be washed by hand in gentle detergents to protect their fabrics or embellishments. In this product selection, you'll find a number of mild liquid soaps that are safe for a number of fabrics. These products are often made with natural ingredients. For example, the base of castile laundry soaps is usually olive oil.