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Silhouette 1200 Watt Steam/Dry Iron
Only in stores
Proctor-Silex Spray Steam Iron
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Sunbeam Steam Master Iron
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Sunbeam Hot 2 Trot Compact Iron
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What you wear reflects on you and helps people to form a first impression of you. As a result, it's important not only to consider which clothes to wear for various occasions but also how those clothes look. Ironing can help to improve the appearance of your garments so that you can look your best. CVS makes it easy to purchase the supplies you need to iron garments at home and get great results. You can shop a selection of ironing laundry supplies online or use the store availability tool to locate products at a CVS in your area.

What Is Ironing?

Ironing is the process of pressing clothing. The fabric care task is completed with a small appliance called an iron. An iron consists of a metal sole plate that gets hot when the device is plugged into a wall and turned on. Steam irons feature reservoirs that you fill with water prior to use. As you iron, the water becomes hot and steam is produced. To iron, you slowly run the sole plate along the garment. The steam helps to release wrinkles, while the sole plate presses the garment flat. Ironing garments properly can make them appear more attractive.

Comparing Iron Settings

As you compare irons, one important consideration is the number of settings that the iron has. Different types of fabrics have different needs when it comes to ironing, making it important that you choose one with an adjustable temperature range. You'll also want to consider the controls on the iron, looking for one that will be easy for you to use.

Other Features to Consider

In addition to settings, you can examine other features of irons as you shop. Some models have automatic shutoff timers that power down the appliances after a set period of time to ensure safety. Irons with transparent water windows make it easy to see when you need to add more water to the reservoir. Models equipped with non-stick sole plates help to protect fabrics from snags and can simplify ironing. Steam sprayers make it possible to apply extra steam to garments to release difficult wrinkles.

Ensuring Best Results

When you receive your iron, the appliance will be accompanied by an instruction manual. Make sure that you read the directions and follow them carefully to ensure best results and prevent accidental injury. It's also wise to read the fabric care instructions on garments prior to ironing to ensure that you protect the material.