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9 Volt Batteries

Whether it's flashlights, toys, or smoke alarms, 9 volt batteries are an important component of many electronics. These batteries can be sold individually or in multiple packs depending on your specific needs. From everyday items to special, safety-related items, CVS has the batteries you need to provide your items with maximum power. Simply shop the selection and sort them by price, quantity, and more to find the right 9 volt batteries for all your devices.

9V Alkaline Battery

9 volt batteries are considered alkaline batteries. This means that they store chemicals inside their metal housing, and these chemicals are activated when the external contacts touch other metal objects. This creates a reaction that causes a flow of electrical energy to power the device. You can use this type of battery in a variety of items including remote controls, handheld games, smoke detectors, flashlights, and many others. In essence, these batteries convert chemical energy into electrical energy, providing the needed power for various items to operate properly.

9V Battery Safety

When it comes to safety, 9 volt batteries should be stored properly to avoid fire or even spontaneous combustion. Since their positive and negative posts are so close together, it can create a potential fire hazard. Never store your 9 volt batteries near other metal items like safety pins, paper clips, or even keys. Instead, keep your batteries safely stored in their original packaging away from other batteries. They also store well in plastic containers since this material won't conduct or transfer energy from the battery and cause a fire. If you need to remove your batteries from their packaging, simply place a piece of electrical tape over the contacts until you're ready to use them.

Preserving the Life of your 9 Volt Batteries

Alkaline batteries tend to "die" sooner than NiMH batteries, but there are still a few things you can do to help yours last a bit longer. If your 9 volt battery has been sitting in a high-energy device like a flashlight, it may still work a little while longer when installed in lower-energy items like remote controls or clocks. It's also a good idea to remove your batteries from items that aren't constantly in use. This way, you'll prevent the battery from draining prematurely and you can use it only when needed.

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