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Sewing Supplies

Whether you want to create your own garments from fabric or simply replace a missing button, you need the right sewing supplies to get the job done. CVS makes it possible to easily purchase whatever you need for sewing with a wide range of products you can shop online. You can explore all sewing supplies currently available or refine your search to focus on products of a particular type or from a specific brand.

Basics for Sewing

At CVS, you'll find all of the basic supplies for sewing. The product selection includes threads in a number of basic colors. You can also purchase needles for stitching by hand. To simplify sewing, you can even purchase a sewing machine from CVS. Sewing machines are equipped with motors that allow their needles to move on their own. A presser foot keeps the garment or fabric you are sewing secure, and you can operate the machine with either a pedal or hand controls, depending on the model.

Using Sewing Pins

Pins can come in handy around the house for a variety of purposes. You can use a pin to secure a garment if it tears, to prevent clothes from gapping or sagging or to keep undergarments from showing. When you're sewing, pins can hold two pieces of fabric together, making it easier to stitch. You may also want to pin garments when you are tailoring them to fit yourself or someone else. Sewing pins include straight pins that consist of a long needle with a ball or decoration on one end. Curved safety pins that lock closed are another option.

Sewing Needles & Fabric Adhesives

In addition to sewing essentials and pins, there are a number of other helpful products available in this selection. You can find adhesives and tapes for temporarily or permanently securing fabrics. Patches can be used to cover holes, and measuring tapes make it easier to tailor a garment to fit a specific individual and to cut fabrics to suit patterns.

Sewing Kits for Repairs

Need to stock up on all of the basics for everyday sewing projects? A sewing kit is the perfect solution. Sewing kits typically contain a selection of threads and needles plus pins, scissors, and other supplies. Typically, the kit includes a plastic container or fabric or plastic pouch, making it easy to store all of the items that come in the set.

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