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Stain Removers

Whether it's an annoying grass stain or spilled wine, stains can make life pretty stressful. With stain removers, you can get rid of pesky stains faster and more effectively than with just standard soap and water. From stain sticks to fabric sprays, these products are designed to help you get rid of stains so you can get on with your life. Read on to learn more about stain removers and how to use them effectively so you don't have to throw your favorite t-shirt away.

How Do Stain Removers Work?

Different stain removers perform different tasks to get rid of unsightly stains. Many products are made to dissolve the stain and break it up before you toss your clothes in the washer. Emulsifiers like laundry detergent use a coating that goes over the surface of the stain. Once water is added to the mix, the emulsifier "lifts" it out of the fabric to reveal clean, fresh clothes and fabrics. Enzyme-based stain removers use special proteins that break apart the molecules of the stain. These products are very effective at getting rid of tough stains like chocolate, red wine, or grass. Each type of stain remover uses a different process that may not be effective for every type of stain, so be sure to read the labels before use.

Stain Remover Process

In order to get rid of stains, it depends on several factors. First, the type of fabric that is stained may need to be treated in a specific way. For example, your favorite silk blouse may need different care than your beloved pair of denim. Next, you need to determine what treatment is needed for that specific stain. Grass stains might require a different treatment than ketchup, for instance. Once you identify the fabric and stain type, it's easier to choose the right stain remover product.

Types Of Stain Remover

Some stain removers come in the form of a stick or a "pen." You can bring them with you at work or while out to dinner to help pre-treat the stain until you can wash the item in the washing machine. These handy products work best when you apply them as soon as the stain appears. The sooner you treat it, the better the odds are that the stain will come out. Spray stain removers are best for larger stains or when you plan to treat and then wash the garment right away. No matter which type you choose, always read the instructions carefully to avoid damaging your clothes.

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