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Cats are very interesting creatures that make for some pretty amazing pets. If you're a cat owner, choosing the right cat food and treats is important for their health and well-being. From new kittens to older felines, how do you know which type of food or treat to choose? Read on to learn more about some helpful cat food and feeding tips so you can take great care of your furry friend.

Cat Food Basics

Cats have very specific nutritional needs, so make sure that they're getting the proper amount of protein in their diet. Look for cat food that contains protein from either a meat, fish, or poultry source and that the food includes taurine. This essential amino acid is crucial to good cat health. Quality cat food should also contain a small amount of water since cats get most of their daily moisture directly from food. Additional vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids should be included to round out their diet in a healthy way. Corn, wheat, and rice can be used as fillers in some wet and dry cat food. Binders, flavors, and coloring may also be added which is not always necessary to keep your cat healthy.

Best Cat Food For Your Pet

 In order to ensure that your cat is happy and healthy, you should practice a few habits to keep their diet in check. First, most cats need a variety of food that contains both dry and wet formats. Dry food is a great way to feed your cat when you're away, but most cats don't drink water regularly, so they also need wet canned food. Make sure every food you use has plenty of minerals and vitamins for optimum health. Many cats tend to get bored with the same food, so try your best to mix things up. You can do this by switching flavors or brands, combining wet and dry food together, or with the occasional treat.

Cat Treats

Remember, cat treats are always fun to give, but they should never be used as a substitute for regular food. Just like dogs, your cat can become overweight if you feed him too many treats and not enough healthy food. Cats are very picky and recognize specific flavors in their food. Try to avoid food addiction by mixing things up on a regular basis. Otherwise, your picky cat might end up turning his nose up at other foods you try to feed him. Read labels carefully and make sure that the cat food and treats you choose are packed with nutritious ingredients. Avoid preservatives when possible and ask your vet if you have any questions.

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