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Kendall Healthcare Transparent Moisture Vapor Permeable Film Dressing

Kendall Healthcare Transparent Moisture Vapor Permeable Film Dressing
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Kendall Healthcare Transparent Moisture Vapor Permeable Film Dressing
50 CT, .95 lbs. Item # 546487

Kendall transparent film dressings consist of a thin polymer film coated with a hypoallergenic adhesive. A simple, effective delivery system allows one-handed application. The dressings are ideal for I.V. sites, donor sites, burns, ulcers and sutures.

  • Two-tab delivery system: Allows one-handed aseptic delivery
  • Rounded edges: Helps prevent roll up
  • Semi-permeable, moisture responsive film: Impermeable to external liquid and micro-organisms
  • Improved breathability: Allows moisture and oxygen vapor exchange for longer wear time
  • Improved wet adhesion properties: Better adhesion in moist environments
Indications: Peripheral IV's. Central venous catheters, donor sites, second-degree burns, skin biopsies, skin tears, surgical incisions, abrasions, endoscopy incisions, early stage skin ulcers, autolytic debriding. Contraindications: Not for use on infected wounds.

Precautions: The wound surface or catheter site must have ceased active bleeding prior to dressing application. The skin should be dry to assure good adhesion.

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This item is FSA (Flexible Spending Account) eligible.


Remove dressing from package, peel back tab #1, remove and discard the paper backing. Apply dressing to wound or catheter site, press and smooth dressing against skin. Peel away tab #2, remove and discard the support film. Smooth dressing against the skin to ensure adhesive contact.


Not intended to replace sutures or other primary wound closure methods. Not intended for application over draining or infected wounds. Not intended for use on third degree burns or unpacked cavity wounds.

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