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Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes

Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes, Flirty
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Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes
1 CT, .05 lbs. Item # 945421
KISS Looks So Natural Lash -SHY. Revolutionary Tapered End Technology delivers real-like lashes that blend seamlessly with your own lashes. 97% of women who wore these lashes felt the difference—you'll forget you're wearing them!
  • Tapered end technology
  • Feels like your own lashes
  • Light and soft as a feather
  • Range of styles for everyday look

KISS Looks So Natural Lash -SHY

1.Measure: Place false lash against your natural lash. Trim if needed. 2.Prep: Apply the adhesive to lash band. Wait 30-60 seconds for adhesive to become slightly clear and tacky 3.Apply: Hold false lash along natural lash line, allowing adhesive to dry completely

HOW TO REMOVE 1. Gently peel off lash strip, starting at the outer corner. 2. Use oil-based makeup remover to remove excess adhesive from eyelid.

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