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Listerine PocketPaks Breath Strips, Fresh Burst

Listerine PocketPaks Breath Strips, Fresh Burst
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Listerine PocketPaks Breath Strips, Fresh Burst
72 CT, .04 lbs. Item # 238341
  • 24-strips, 3 pack of Listerine Freshburst Pocketpaks Breath Strips to freshen breath
  • Minty breath strips kill 99 percent of germs that cause bad breath, according to laboratory tests
  • Easily slip these pocket-sized strips into your purse or pocket to enjoy fresh breath on-the-go
  • Instantly dissolve to leave behind a Freshburst spearmint flavor
  • Use to freshen up after your morning coffee or before a meeting or date
  • Never worry about bad breath again when you're on the go, or the germs that that cause it
  • Discover fresh breath in one convenient step with a portable pack of mint breath strips
  • Kills germs for a clean feeling mouth at any time of day
Refresh your mouth with Listerine Freshburst Pocketpaks Breath Strips. These breath strips dissolve instantly, killing 99 percent of germs that cause bad breath*. Slip your pack into your purse or pocket, so you can easily get fresh breath and kill bad breath germs after your morning coffee, or before a meeting or date. Each strip has a refreshing Freshburst flavor and kills germs for a clean mouth feeling.
*In laboratory tests.


pullulan, menthol, sucralose, mentha viridis (spearmint) leaf oil, potassium acesulfame, glycerol oleate, polysorbate 80, copper gluconate, carrageenan, methyl salicylate, eucalyptol, thymol, flavor, ceratonia siliqua (carob) gum, glucose, propylene glycol, xanthan gum, green 3, yellow 6.

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2. Push vial from front

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