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Love Home and Planet Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes, 37 CT

Love Home and Planet Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes, 37 CT
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Lavender & Argan Oil
Citrus Yuzu & Vanilla
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Love Home and Planet Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes, 37 CT
37 CT, .73 lbs. Item # 288763
Wipe the day off from your surfaces with these multipurpose cleaning wipes, perfect for easy cleaning counters, mirrors, coffee tables and sinks. No need to rinse with water, so you can do a small act of love for the planet and your home. Infused with the scent of ethically sourced Lavender essential oil, and blended with hand-crushed Moroccan Argan Oil, these wipes leave your surfaces with a serene and delicate kiss of nature. We’ve started our journey towards more eco-friendly cleaning products by loading our products with ingredients that come from renewable sources and packing them in recycled and recyclable bottles. Our goal is a carbon footprint so small, it’s like we weren’t even here. So every time you choose Love Home and Planet, you join our mission for a cleaner planet - we support environmental change-makers and our voluntary carbon tax supports recycling initiatives.
  • Love Home and Planet Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes Lavender & Argan Oil 37 count
  • Made with 97% plant-based cleansers
  • Dermatologist tested, gluten-free, vegan and cruelty-free
  • Perfect for multi-purpose cleaning on everyday surfaces - counters, mirrors, coffee tables, sinks and more.
  • Blended with luxurious Moroccan Argan Oil, and infused with notes of calming French Lavender.
  • Formulated without parabens. No alcohol or bleach added.

Use the wet cleaning wipes directly on your surfaces. Not for cleaning skin. Do not use as a diaper wipe or for personal cleansing.

Storage and Disposal: Ensure the lid is tightly closed between uses to retain moisture. You can dispose of used wipes in trash bin - do not flush!

Safe for use on: Acrylic, Aluminum, Ceramic, Chrome, Concrete, Fiberglass, Formica, Glass, Granite (sealed and unsealed), Laminate flooring, Marble (sealed and unsealed), Mirror, Nickel, Porcelain, Stainless steel, Travertine, Vinyl sheet flooring, Lacquer on wood, Polyurethane on wood, Wood (unfinished).


Use with caution:
Brass, Corian oil based painted wood, Water based painted wood. For these, and any new or unusual surfaces, please test on a small inconspicuous area first NOT safe for use on: Shellac on wood.

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