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Maxell Mini DV 60 Min, 4 Pack

Maxell Mini DV 60 Min, 4 Pack
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Maxell Mini DV 60 Min, 4 Pack
1 EA, 0 lbs. Item # 496589
  • Maxell mini-DV employs a newly developed metal evaporate technology that has a recoding density approximately 6.7 times greater than VHS.
  • Additional outer coating protects metal evaporate recording layer providing durability and reliability even under repeated editing operations.
  • Anti-static resin case shuts out dust and other contaminants for maximum protection of high quality, digital picture.

Maxell Corporation of America
New Jersery, U.S.A.
Maxell Canada
Concord, ON Canada
Macell Latin America
Panama City, Panama

Product made and assembled in Japan
Limited Maxell Waranty, see details inside
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