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Medipore Soft Cloth Adhesive Wound Dressing Pads 25CT

Medipore Soft Cloth Adhesive Wound Dressing Pads 25CT
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Medipore Soft Cloth Adhesive Wound Dressing Pads 25CT
25 CT, .7 lbs. Item # 547602

The 3M Medipore plus pad soft cloth adhesive wound dressing consists of a non-adherent absorbent pad bonded to a larger soft cloth backing coated with a border of hypoallergenic, water-resistant adhesive.

  • Color: White
  • Pad size: 4 in. x 4.5 in.
  • Highly conformable dressing is easy to apply, conforms to body contours and flexes with movement or swelling
  • Dressing is porous and breathable for increased patient comfort, better exchange of moisture vapor and oxygen and reduced risk of skin maceration
  • Unique non-adherent pad promotes normal wound healing with less pain and trauma
  • Dressing provides excellent adhesion, yet is gentle to the skin
  • Convenient, all-in-one dressing reduces application time
  • Absorbent pad protects wound and absorbs drainage
  • Full range of sizes is available to fit every application
  • CE certified
  • Pressure ulcer condition type: Stage 3
  • Intended use: The Medipore plus pad soft cloth adhesive dressing is designed for treating acute wounds such as cuts, burns, abrasions, IV catheter sites and surgical incisions. It is also designed to treat superficial, partial and full thickness chronic wounds. Follow your "gauze and tape" protocol for use of this dressing. This product is not designed, sold or intended for use except as indicated
  • Storage and shelf life: Store Medipore plus pad soft cloth adhesive dressing in normal room temperature, 59-86F (15-30C). For shelf life, refer to the expiration date which is printed on each package
  • Precautions: Hemostasis of the catheter site or wound should be achieved before applying the dressing. The skin should be dry and free of detergent residue to ensure good adhesion. Mechanical skin trauma may result if tension is applied

This item is FSA (Flexible Spending Account) eligible.


Preparation: In accordance with standard hospital protocol, prepare the site for catheter insertion or wound dressing. To ensure best dressing adhesion, clipping of excess hair at the site may be necessary. Shaving is not recommended. Allow all prep liquids to dry completely before dressing application. Open package and remove sterile dressing. Peel the paper liner from the dressing, exposing the adhesive surface. Position the dressing over the wound site or the catheter insertion site and apply dressing. Smooth down the dressing edges. Seal securely around catheter or wound site. Firmly smooth adhesive border to the skin. Change the dressing should exudate penetrate through the soft cloth backing. To remove the dressing, gently grasp the edge and slowly peel the dressing from the skin in the direction of hair growth.


The Medipore plus pad soft cloth adhesive dressing is not intended to replace sutures or other primary wound closure methods. The dressing should be changed if not intact. An intact dressing is one that has been properly applied to achieve and maintain good adhesion, at least around the total periphery of the dressing. For best results, the dressing should be large enough to have a margin which adheres to dry, healthy skin around the wound site. The site should be observed frequently for signs of infection. If infection occurs (which may be signaled by fever, pain, redness, swelling or an unusual odor or discharge), remove the dressing and take standard precautions.

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