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Mind Reader Chest Expander, Black

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Mind Reader Chest Expander, Black
1 EA, .82 lbs. Item # 471777
Add a Mind Reader chest expander to your home fitness routine today and stretch your way to a stronger upper body. Chest expanders have been a vital piece of equipment for home exercise routines since the late 1880�s. While it seems a simple design, a stretchable piece of tubing connecting two handles, the benefits are many and varied. Holding one handle in each hand and stretching the tubing across the chest, behind the back, or using a foot to stretch out the central tubing, all target unique muscle groups and develop muscle strength over time. The Mind Reader elastic chest expander features five separate pieces of rubber tubing connected by locking snaps at each end of the ergonomic, non-slip metal handles. Detach tubes to decrease the resistance, and as you build up strength over time, connect more cables to increase your resistance and continue developing your muscle strength. The lightweight, durable composition makes this efficient workout tool highly portable, so you can take your workout to the office, or even pack it in your suitcase for travel usage. Develop your home fitness with a tried and true exercise essential: the Mind Reader chest expander. Dimensions: 4.25� L x 30.25� W x 1� D. Materials: Rubber, Plastic, Metal.
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