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PMS symptoms and period pain can be disruptive to daily life for many women, but there’s no need to suffer. PMS and period pain relief is available!

PMS Symptoms & Relief

PMS symptoms include cramping, bloating, and mood swings just before your period. While not all women get PMS, a large majority of women deal with one or more of these symptoms monthly. If you experience period bloating (either during or right before your period), you may want to try a diuretic. Diuretics work to reduce bloating by increasing urine output. However, diuretics are not appropriate for everyone. You should talk to your doctor to make sure it is safe for you to use diuretics, especially if you are taking any medications, have low blood pressure, or have high potassium levels. Alternatives to diuretics that may help reduce bloating during PMS include exercise and watching your salt intake.

If you experience mood swings during PMS, herbal remedies may help. Talk to your doctor about which ones may be right for you. Exercising regularly, eating well, and getting enough sleep are all ways that can help reduce your stress levels and may be worth trying. Similarly, meditation, journaling, yoga, and other calming activities can benefit you at any time of the month, but can be especially helpful when fighting PMS-induced irritability and mood swings.

Often, over the counter remedies and lifestyle changes are enough to help you get PMS relief. However, if you are having difficulty coping with PMS and feel it is getting in the way of your life, you should make an appointment with your doctor. He or she can evaluate you for underlying conditions such as depression and anxiety. Depending on your individual needs, your doctor may prescribe birth control pills to help balance out your hormones and in certain cases may recommend antidepressants to help stabilize your mood.

Period Pain Relief

Menstrual pain usually occurs in the form of cramps and is very common among women. Do you have period back pain? Are you looking for menstrual cramp relief? Taking an over the counter pain reliever like acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or naproxen may help with mild period cramps and back pain. Applying heat to the lower back or abdomen may also bring some relief. You can use a heating pad, hot water bottle, or even take a warm bath. For on-the-go menstrual pain relief, you may want to try ThermaCare Menstrual Heat Wraps.

In addition to pain relievers and heat, there are other period pain remedies you can try. Massaging your lower back and abdomen may help dissipate period back pain and cramps. Exercising throughout the month is one of the best menstrual cramps remedies, as it may help reduce menstrual cramps and period pain during your time of the month. Avoiding foods that contain salt as well as alcohol and tobacco products around the time of your period can also help with menstrual cramps.

If you have severe period pain or are unable to find relief from menstrual cramps using these recommended methods, you should talk to your doctor. He or she may prescribe a birth control pill, because women using birth control pills generally have less period pain. He or she may also want to evaluate you for conditions that can cause excessive period pain, such as endometriosis and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID). Remember – there is no need to suffer through PMS and period pain. With the right treatment methods and the help of your doctor, it is possible to find relief!

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