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Shoe Inserts & Insoles

When your shoes don't fit properly, your feet can suffer. Friction and pressure caused by footwear can cause pain and increase your risk of developing bunions, blisters, corns and calluses. Fortunately, you can ease discomfort and lower the likelihood of these problems by making simple modifications to uncomfortable shoes. CVS carries a huge selection of shoe inserts and insoles that improve the fit of footwear. You can compare the available products online and have your order shipped right to your door.

Insoles For Extra Cushion

To support and cushion the entire length of your foot, you can use insoles. An insole is a foot-shaped pad that is inserted into the bottom of your shoe to provide extra padding under your feet. Insoles may be made of foam, gel or a combination of the two. Some have special features like textured surfaces that massage your feet as you walk.

Shoe Pads To Ease Discomfort

If you experience pain or discomfort in just one part of your foot, shoe inserts may help you to address the problem. Arch support inserts are made to fit beneath or behind an area of the foot. Options include heel cups, ball of the feet cushions and heel cushions.

Shoe Inserts For Special Concerns

Some insoles and inserts are geared toward the needs of individuals with certain foot care concerns. These products may assist with healing, ease discomfort or reduce your risk of developing problems again in the future. For example, you can find toe wraps that are worn inside of shoes to reduce rubbing and lower the likelihood of calluses, corns and blisters forming.

Best Insoles For You

Once you have decided which general type of shoe insert or insole is right for you, you can begin to compare the specific features of the available products. Keep the type of shoe that you'll be wearing in mind, as some products are designed to fit into only one kind of shoe like high heels, boots or athletic shoes. You'll also want to consider the sizes of the products. Most insoles and inserts fit individuals of a certain range of shoe or sock sizes. The product descriptions will tell you the sizing information for each insert and insole.

Choosing The Right Shoe Inserts

If you're uncertain which type of shoe orthotic inserts or insole is right for you, talk to your health care provider. He or she can discuss your specific foot care needs and give you tips on how to select shoe insoles and inserts.


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