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Hair removal creams, also called depilatories, are designed to remove hair from the skin surface of your body. Using a strong, alkaline-based ingredient, depilatories weaken hair so it can be easily removed from the follicle and scraped off of your body. Common ingredients include sodium thioglycolate, calcium thioglycolate and strontium sulfide. Depilatories come in a variety of forms, including creams, lotions, powders, gels, sprays and more.

How Do Dipilatories Work?

Depilatories contain strong chemicals in order to break down your hair and basically turn it into a jelly that is easily wiped away. They can cause reactions in people with sensitive skin, and it is very important not to leave any of the creams on too long because your skin could burn, blister and peel.

Hair Removal Cream Benefits

Depilatories are an inexpensive alternative to more expensive and painful hair removal methods such as waxing and even shaving. Bruising, cut and razor burn are not typical side effects from depilatory use as is with waxing and shaving.

It is an easy and fast way to remove hair from small or large areas. You simply spread the product wherever you want the hair removed, and it should take no more than 15 minutes total to do all areas. You also aren't restricted to just sitting while the product does its work—you can typically carry on most day to day activities as the chemicals break down your body hair.

You may experience a week of hairlessness thanks to depilatory use. They remove hair from just below the surface, so you won't feel stubble as soon as you might after simply shaving. In addition, if you continue to use depilatories on a regular basis, you might experience slowing hair growth and the need to use them, and other hair removal options, less frequently.

Best Hair Removal Creams For You

As always, not every hair removal treatment will work for everyone. Depilatories may work for you, or they may not. It depends on your hair and skin type and how your hair reacts to the chemical agents in the creams. You should test any product on a small patch of skin before applying it to a larger area. That way any reaction you might have is localized.

There are many chemical depilatory products on the market, so choose the one that fits your needs for what body hair to remove, application type, etc., and enjoy a few days (or more!) of smooth skin.

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