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For people with incontinence, proper skin care is of the utmost importance to reduce the risk of irritation and keep skin in the best of health. CVS makes it easy to purchase the products that you need to care for your own skin or to help a loved one dealing with incontinence. In this product selection, you'll find a diverse assortment of incontinence skin care products available for you to buy online and have delivered discreetly to your door.

Incontinence Wipes For Cleansing

Residue left from urine and feces is detrimental to the skin. Repeated exposure to body fluids and waste can leave skin inflamed, and over time, the inflammation can develop into painful sores. That's why it's important to thoroughly cleanse the private area daily and following an accident. Plus, regular cleansing helps to control body odor and allows people with incontinence to smell fresh and clean.

Incontinence Cleansing Aids

There are a number of products available for cleansing. Disposable cleansing wipes are a popular solution. These soft towelettes are soaked in a mild cleanser that lifts away impurities. After use, you simply throw the towelettes away. For people with sensitive or already irritated skin, disposable washcloths can be used similarly to wipes. These products are larger in size than wipes and typically softer to the touch. If you prefer to cleanse with a conventional washcloth or sponge, you can purchase a body wash designed specifically for incontinence care. These products include formulas that you rinse off after use and rinse-less washes that evaporate.

Incontinence Medication For Troubled Skin

Even with proper cleansing, people with incontinence may still develop irritation. Incontinence creams and ointments can be used to seal irritated skin and promote healing. Once the skin has healed, many of these products can continue to be applied regularly to the affected area to serve as a barrier to feces and urine. Using incontinence skin care creams and ointments in this way can lower the likelihood of future irritation.

Incontinence Skin Care Safety

Before using any incontinence skin care product for the first time, discuss your concerns with a medical provider. He or she can discuss proper incontinence skin care practices with you and recommend the best products for your specific needs. Once you receive your new incontinence skin care product, take the time to read the directions for use carefully. You should always follow these instructions unless your health care provider gives you other advice.

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