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Massage Accessories

For relaxation and stress relief, massage may provide a lot of help. By reducing the tension held in your muscles, massage may help your body to relax and your mind to focus.

In addition to traditional massage techniques, there are also additional massage accessories that may help you relieve tension at home.

Accessories such as massage wraps, chairs, seats and more feature massage heads of different heights and rotation to massage your body from all angles with soothing healing. These may help relieve neck tension, shoulder strain and pain in the legs, calves, feet and back.

Healing crystals or spirit stones are also commonly featured in massage. Basalt stones may be used in hot stone massages, where heat from the stones may promote deep relaxation and warm up tight muscles. This type of massage may help to reduce and manage stress, increase joint flexibility and promote better sleep, among other benefits.

Some people believe in the healing properties of spirit stones. Different types of stones result in changes to different areas of the body and mind. Tiger eye stones are tied to confidence boosts, while amethyst stones are linked in inner peace. If you are searching for an additional massage accessory, you could incorporate spirit stones for additional possible relaxation.

You can help relieve stress and relax sore muscles through massage therapy. Even if you can't make it to a professional masseuse, you can enjoy the benefits of massage at home with accessories such as massage wraps, paraffin hand baths, foot spas and more.

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