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You only get one smile, so it's important that you take the best possible care of it. Brushing is key to your oral health, and to clean your teeth effectively, you need the right toothbrush. CVS makes it simple to purchase the perfect toothbrush for your needs with a diverse assortment of products that you can conveniently browse and buy online.

Importance Of Brushing

Toothbrushes have been used for thousands of years for oral care. A toothbrush is an oral care tool that features a long plastic handle and a square, diamond or oval head covered with bristles. When you move the bristles against your teeth and along your gum line, they create friction that loosens bacteria and food debris. Brushing regularly can help reduce your risk of cavities, keep your smile whiter and lower your likelihood of developing gum disease.

Manual Toothbrushes

One of the first things to consider when comparing manual toothbrushes is bristle type. Soft bristles are generally ideal for most people; however, you may need an extra soft or firmer option. Toothbrush heads vary in shape. Which type is right for you will depend on your personal preferences and the size of your mouth. You can also compare handle types. Some toothbrushes have non-slip grips for ease of use or a flexible neck for better maneuverability.

Electric Options

If you're looking for a way to simplify brushing, an electric toothbrush may be right for you. An electric toothbrush has bristles that spin or vibrate on their own, making them easy to use. There are three main types of electric toothbrushes: disposable, replaceable and rechargeable. Disposable options are used for a period of time and then thrown away. With replaceable options, you simply throw away the battery and insert a new one periodically. Rechargeable options do not require battery replacements. Instead, they recharge either by plugging into the wall or by resting on a base that is plugged into an electrical outlet. Replaceable and rechargeable electric toothbrushes typically have removable heads that must be replaced periodically.

Best Toothbrush For You

If you're uncertain which type of toothbrush is right for you, talk to your dentist. He or she can give you tips about how to select a toothbrush that is in line with your oral care needs. No toothbrush can be effective if used improperly. Review the proper brushing technique with your dentist to get the most out of the time that you spend brushing your teeth.


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