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Hair naturally grows on the face and body to provide warmth and protection, but today, humans no longer need that excess hair. Shaving allows you to quickly and easily remove unwanted facial and body hair by slicing it off near where it emerges from the follicle. CVS is your one-stop shop for everything that you need for a close shave. In this product selection, you'll find razors, shaving creams and gels, after shave products and shaving accessories for both men and women. You can shop the entire selection or explore what's available by category to find the shaving products you need in no time.

Razors for Men and Women

A close shave starts with the right razor. Typically, razors are designed either for facial hair removal by men or for body hair removal by women. Manufacturers offer two main types of razors for both men and women: disposable and reusable. With disposable razors, you throw the entire razor away when the blade becomes dull. Reusable razors either have replaceable heads or blades. These products cost more initially but are often less expensive to use over time.

Lubricants for a Better Shave

Using a razor all by itself or with soap and water every day can lead to irritation. That's because the blades of the razor produce friction against the skin while they cut off facial or body hair. Applying a shaving cream, lotion or gel prior to shaving allows the razor to glide more effortlessly over the skin, reducing friction and minimizing irritation.

Electric Options

Electric razors are available for men and women who are looking to simplify shaving. With an electric razor, blades move on their own using a motor that is powered by either a battery or electricity from a wall outlet. Typically, electric razors produce less friction, making them ideal for those concerned about post-shaving irritation. In addition, there is generally less risk of nicks and cuts with electric razors. Most electric razors do not require the use of a lubricant.

Shaving Skin Care

Applying after shave skin care products can address side effects of shaving like redness and irritation. Conventional after shave products for men have a cooling effect on the skin and tighten pores to lower the likelihood of ingrown hairs. You can also find hydrating creams and lotions for both men and women to apply after shaving to calm and soothe the skin.

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