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Shaving is an important part of personal grooming for men and women alike. The right shaving accessories can make it easier to remove facial and body hair, and CVS has a huge selection of these products available for you to shop online. Browse the product assortment to discover shaving accessories to add to your personal care routine and to find your favorite products.

Caring for Your Facial Hair

Whether you have a beard, a mustache or a goatee, facial hair requires regular care just like the hair that grows on your scalp. Shaving accessories can help to promote healthy growth and keep your facial hair looking and feeling its best. To remove dirt and excess oil, you can use a beard wash or cleanser. Like shampoo, these products help to rinse away impurities from the hair and skin, making your facial hair look and smell fresh.

Managing Beards and Mustaches

If your facial hair is wild and unruly, shaving accessories can help you improve manageability and enhance your appearance. Facial hair is more likely to become unmanageable when it is dry. That's why the makers of shaving accessories offer moisturizing products especially for facial hair. For normal to oily skin, you can use a lightweight beard balm or lotion for moisturizing. Drier skin may benefit from a heavier moisturizing cream or beard oil. To keep your facial hair looking neat, you can purchase special trimming scissors to shorten growth. Precision micro razors are also available to straighten out the borders of your facial hair.

Making Shaving Simpler

Shaving accessories can help to solve problems that make it difficult for you to remove facial hair. For women, foot rest accessories can be installed in the tub or shower, making it easier to stand on one foot while shaving. These foot rests typically stick to the wall with the help of a strong suction cup. You can shop this selection of accessories and learn more about other products that can simplify your shaving routine.

Solutions for Travel

For men and women who are frequently on the go, travel shaving accessories can be highly beneficial. You can find kits that provide trial size shaving lotion, after shave and other products that will fit easily into a toiletry bag or suitcase for use on the go. There are also travel razors available to help you continue your personal care routine when you are away from home.

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