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Facial Tissue

No one wants to reach for the tissue box only to find out that it's empty. CVS can help you avoid running out of the facial tissues that your family requires for personal care. In this product selection,  you'll find a diverse assortment of facial tissues that you can shop online, making it simple to stock up on your favorite products.

So Many Uses

Facial tissues have a wide variety of uses. Because they are thrown away after use, they are an excellent choice for blowing and wiping your nose. Tissues can also be used for removing cosmetics and cleaning your face. People also use tissues to apply makeup and skin care products and for infant care. 

Tissues With Lotion

When you're using facial tissues often due to a cold, allergies or sinus problems, you may experience irritation around your nose. This occurs due to frequent wiping. Some brands offer facial tissues designed to reduce the risk of this common problem. These facial tissues are infused with lotion, allowing them to moisturize the skin around the nose every time that you wipe. Manufacturers may also add skin-soothing ingredients like vitamin E and aloe to ease existing irritation.

Specialty Options

In addition to tissues with lotion, brands offer other specialty tissues to meet the needs of people with special concerns. Some tissues are scented with menthol to ease nasal congestion. You can also find tissues that are made entirely or partially out of recycled paper. These products are an eco-friendly option and great for people who are striving to lead greener lives.

Comparing Products

As you shop for facial tissues, there are a number of features to consider. The first point of comparison is paper type. Some tissues are designed with durability in mind and are less likely to rip and tear due to their strength and thickness. Others are made to be as soft as possible and are typically crafted out of multiple layers of paper. Once you have found the type of paper that you prefer, you can consider the packaging. Tissues come in upright square and flat rectangular boxes for home use and in small travel-sized packs that are ideal for use on the go. Brands may offer boxes in multiple colors and designs, giving you the freedom to choose one that will complement your decor. Finally, you can examine the number of tissues found in the packaging to ensure that you purchase the right supply.