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Pink Stork Mist Morning Sickness Spray, 4oz

Pink Stork Mist Morning Sickness Spray, 4oz
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Pink Stork Mist Morning Sickness Spray, 4oz
4 OZ, .38 lbs. Item # 331576
Fast, effective and easy morning sickness relief! For many women, morning sickness can be caused by a magnesium deficiency. Pink Stork Mist is an easy-to-use spray, specially formulated to treat the root cause of morning sickness not just the symptoms! Magnesium helps balance cortisol levels in the body, but when you become pregnant, excess hormones make it difficult to absorb magnesium. The result? Excess cortisol that can contribute to feelings of fatigue and nausea. Pink Stork Mist delivers the magnesium your body needs in a convenient, no-hassle spray! It provides fast-acting, on-the-spot treatment to help bring almost instantaneous relief. Simply spray your wrists or ankles and gently massage. Magnesium is also crucial for developing babies as it promotes healthy bone growth, regulates insulin and aids enzyme function. Pink Stork Mist contains organic magnesium sourced directly from the Dead Sea as well as steam distilled water.


Pink Stork Mist: Steam distilled, purified water and 65 grams of 100% Organic Dead Sea Magnesium from Beer Sheeva, Israel.
Pink Stork Mist: Apply on feet, wrists, and other exposed areas of the body as needed for relief of nausea. Start with your feet to gauge tolerance - your pores are biggest here.


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