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Pure Body Logix, Exerflex Fit Ball, 55-65CM

Pure Body Logix, Exerflex Fit Ball, 55-65CM
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Pure Body Logix, Exerflex Fit Ball, 55-65CM
1 EACH, 1 lbs. Item # 288394
The Exerflex Ball is a challenging and fun way to help you develop balance and coordination, and build strength. As opposed to traditional flat exercise methods, the round shape of the ExerFlex ball helps to train the main muscle groups, along with the smaller muscles used for stabilizing. And the simplicity of the ball also makes it an ideal fitness tool for any age or fitness level. You can also use the ExerFlex for yoga, and take your yoga session to a whole new level.High-Grade, Anti-Burst and Fully adjustable, from 55cm to 65cm.


Exerflex - made with PVC


Small parts do not leave children alone with parts. Do not put more weight on the ball than the max stated on package . Do not use sharp objects on ball. Made for indoor use.
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